Nigerian White Wedding Checklist

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Looking for a Nigerian wedding planning checklist or want a ready-made plan you can use right away? You see, planning a wedding is stressful whether you’re the bride or groom, and if you’re doing it without the help of a wedding planner, you need a checklist to stay organized and sane because there’s so much to do before the wedding day. This post is your step by step wedding planning check-list of things to do, month-by-month. Read on.

Any wedding planner will advice that keeping a planning checklist or to-do list of the things you need to do is crucial to ensure you get everything done before it’s too late. This post is your month by month wedding planning countdown calendar, in a to-do list format, to guide you through the steps to preparing for a Nigerian white wedding, down to every last detail.

Wedding Checklist: Immediately After Your Engagement

  • Congrats, your guy has proposed! Have an engagement party
  • Start making arrangements for your Nigerian traditional engagement ceremony.  We created a special checklist to help you stay organized before and up to your Nigerian traditional wedding day

Nigerian Wedding Checklist: 10 to 12 Months to Wedding Day

  • Pick a date for white wedding, as well as the court registry wedding
  • Decide on the wedding location (what country, state?)
  • Define the tone, style and colour combo for the white wedding
  • Research wedding ideas for how the whole event will look and feel – take our pre-wedding quiz for couples, to help you compile ideas on styling your wedding unique
  • Start looking for suitable wedding venues and vendors
  • Set an overall maximum amount you can afford to spend (budget)
  • Set the maximum number of guests you want to invite and share the number equally between the couple, bride’s and groom’s families – see details of how to do that  in this post that teaches how to know how many guests to invite to your white wedding
  • Hire a wedding planner if you’re too busy to do the running around
  • Agree on who pays for what, and who does what – between bride and groom (planning roles & responsibilities). It’s also time to ‘beg’ parents and close family for financial support or kind contributions
  • Choose your attendants – bridesmaids & groomsmen – and inform them. [Ensure to get familiar with the things that bridesmaids are really supposed to do for a bride – read our essential Guide to Bridesmaid Duties and Responsibilities].